Targa 2013

Posted by Skye Sawyer on 11 Sep 2013

New design for the hero cards, and a new co-driver (me!) for the mini. Wish us luck!

Panoramic Watercolor

Posted by Skye Sawyer on 03 May 2013

Panoramic Trail and Panoramic Highway, Muir Woods, CA.

Watercolor, gauche, and ink paintings for Wintergreen Art Center's second annual Blank Canvas art auction fundraiser. 12x12"

Laparoscopic Radical Left Nephrecomy

Posted by Skye Sawyer on 11 Feb 2013

For my ad in the Serbin Medical Illustration Sourcebook this year, I illustrated part of a living-donor Kidney transplant surgery. My goal was to maintain realistic surgical colors and vantage point, but still be able to show in a single scene all the major vessels that would need to be located and divided.


Reference from surgical videos:

Final sketch, first stage of digital painting, and final page design:

VC - Vena Cava
A - Aorta
RV - Renal Vein
RA - Renal Artery
AV - Adrenal Vein (or Suprarenal Vein)
AA - Adrenal Artery (or Suprarenal Artery)
L - Lumbar Vein
G - Gonadal Vein (Testicular/Spermatic or Ovarian Vein)
U - Ureter

The instrument pictured is a LigaSure device, which uses electro cautery to cut and seal vessels. The kidney and adrenal gland are in the center, and the organ visible in the upper left of the image is the spleen. The psoas muscle is also visible beneath the vessels at the bottom of the page.


Posted by Skye Sawyer on 20 Jan 2013

Original drawing from life, and in-progress vectorization


Posted by Skye Sawyer on 17 Jan 2013

progress on an oil portrait I just started

Victoria railing

Posted by Skye Sawyer on 21 Nov 2012

This illustration was made by vectorizing a photo of a railing that I took in Quebec City. The background is an Illustrator gradient mesh. It makes a great desktop background! I'm also working on an ink and watercolor version of this that I will post as soon as it's done and scanned.

The Reign of Kindo

Posted by Skye Sawyer on 21 Nov 2012

The idea for this band poster came from a watercolor sketch and a song by a local Buffalo band, The Reign of Kindo, called Great Blue Sea. I was trying to capture the effect of the bleeding edges of the watercolor in vector art.

Song on youtube

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